About Us

About the HelloGold Foundation

The HelloGold Foundation is an organisation that is made up of ex-regulators, business experts and technologists who all possess a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

We are both heavily vested in blockchain technology and focused on expanding the availability of products that are targeted at helping the underserved and unbanked.

More importantly, however, we are interested in the integration of blockchain technology with these products. We believe in the importance of the technology of blockchain in promoting financial inclusion for everyone.

To this end, we raise funds for grants that we will provide to appropriate organisations which support our objectives.


Milestone Date
HelloGold is publicly launched with Aeon Credit Services Sdn Bhd April 2017
HelloGold is selected for TheFinLab acceleration program June 2017
HelloGold gains backing by 500 Startups September 2017
HelloGold Foundation completes first Token Sale (17,149 ETH raised) October 2017
HelloGold wins Most Innovative Islamic Retail Banking Award in Dubai December 2017
HelloGold joins Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance’s TENxCLUB December 2017
HelloGold wins Best TechMatch ASEAN 2017 December 2017
HelloGold announces partnership with Axiata Digital December 2017
HelloGold launches GOLDX January 2018