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Live GOLDX Price Calculator


Minimum purchase quantity: 1 GOLDX
Weekday Rate: GOLDX = Gold Price (g) +5% - Mon 00:00 to Fri 23:15 (UTC+01:00)
Weekend Rate: GOLDX = Gold Price (g) +7% - Fri 23:15 to Mon 00:00 (UTC+01:00)

GOLDX Buy Process

Steps Following KYC Submission

5. Confirmation Of Successful KYC

Our team will reply directly to the email address used to submit the KYC form to confirm approval. At this point the team will send you a quotation and seperately the Purchase Agreement (directly from DocuSign).

6. Countersign

Once signed, our team will also countersign the Purchase Agreement and provide you with the correct wallet address to send your ETH/BTC to.

7. Send Funds

Send your funds to the provided wallet address and confirm the transaction hash (TxHash) to our team by email here: Confirm TxHash
Alternatively, submit using your own email client to [email protected]

8. GOLDX & Receipt

The team will send GOLDX to the agreed wallet and include the TxHash and purchase receipt as confirmation.