HelloGold Foundation

Code Review

Code for Review

Unlike many companies running Token Sales, HelloGold already have an operating business with a working product. To demonstrate the ability of the team to deliver, the following code is available for review:

1. The HelloGold customer app:
  • a) For Malaysians, a live version of both the iOS and Android applications
  • b) For non-Malaysians, a demo version of the Android application
2. Smart contracts, including the Sale and token contracts.
  • a) Token Sale contract
  • b) HGT contract
  • c) GOLDX contract

Demo App

The live version of the HelloGold app is available in both the App and Play stores:

As the app has been developed for an initial launch in Malaysia, the KYC and security processes in these live versions are set up for Malaysian residents. Non-Malaysian residents who would like to view the app/product functionality can do so by downloading a demonstration version of the Android app and use the instructions (both below) to clear the relevant approval processes.

We don’t have an iOS demo version due to privacy issues, as we would have to individually add each person to Testflight. For those without an Android device, we suggest using a simulator to test the APK.

Please note that whilst this demo app replicates the functionality of the live app, this version operates in a staging environment only, several steps have been automated, no real money or gold is transacted, and the recovery capability has been deactivated. HelloGold or HGF will neither monitor the database or use the data submitted in the demo app for any purpose. It will however remain on a secure server until HelloGold decide to delete or reset the data.

Download Android APK

The following information is required to use the functionality on the demo app; specifically the information for non-Malaysians who are not familiar with the MyKad (Malaysian identity card, used by HelloGold for KYC purposes) to clear the KYC process.

Read APK Manual (PDF)

Smart Contracts

HelloGold have developed the following smart contracts which can be reviewed via the following links.

  • 1. Token Sale Smart Contract - to be used during the Token Sale process
  • 2. HGT Token smart contract
  • 3. GOLDX Token smart contract

Whilst neither HelloGold nor HGF are operating a bounty programme, HelloGold would be interested to hear from developers who have identified any issues with the contracts. Additionally, HelloGold are looking to expand the blockchain technical team (see "Development Funds" in Technical Whitepaper) and would be interested to hear from developers who would like to support the development of the HelloGold smart contracts.