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Token Sale

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Round 1 Token Sale Summary

Min Cap: 3,333 ETH (Reached)
Amount Raised: 17,149 ETH
7500 ETH
5908 ETH
3741 ETH
Strategic Supporters
Public Sale
ICOAGE Token Resale


Public Sale Supporters


Token Resale Supporters

Please refer to the Token Sale Information Sheet for the legal agreement with HelloGold foundation
304.05 USD/ETH rate fixed based on CoinMarketCap at 04:04:19 UTC 18/8/2017


To support its objectives, HelloGold Foundation has raised funds via a Token Sale. HGF has created HelloGold Tokens (HGT) which are sold during the Token Sale. HGF will give HelloGold funds by way of grant(s) for HelloGold to direct towards the objectives of the Foundation.

In turn, HelloGold will endow 10% of its annual management fee revenue generated from gold AUM to HGF. HGF will then convert any gold endowment received into Gold Backed Tokens (GOLDX). Each GOLDX will be backed by 1g of 99.99% investment grade gold, securely vaulted with HelloGold's nominated vaulting provider.

HGF will decide on the distribution of GOLDX to HGT holders as a reward for supporting the Token Sale on an ongoing basis. Both HGT and GOLDX will be independently tradeable on public exchanges.

More detail on the offer is available in the Token Sale Information Sheet published below.

ICOage Token Resale

On 4 September 2017, the People’s Bank of China announced an immediate ban on all token sales including previously completed token sales, with Chinese organisations liable to return all funds raised to supporters (http://www.pbc.gov.cn/english/130721/3377816/index.html).

Following the announcement, HGF decided to support ICOage’s efforts to refund all their customers who participated in ICOage’s token pre-sale.

HGF resold the HGT originally pre-sold via ICOage to:

  1. Secure as broad a support base as possible for HGF, and
  2. Ensure a successful roll out of HelloGold’s roadmap

We believe that this course of action is beneficial to all our supporters. Our token cap of 540 million HGT for sale in Round 1 remained unchanged.

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Sale process

HGF has created a fixed number of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) HGT. These are planned for release in 3 Rounds. Each Round is anticipated to be run at 12 month intervals.

All HGT was minted (created) at the time of Round 1. No further HGT will be minted. The Token Sale has been broken up into Rounds to provide assurance to supporters that the funds are both required to meet the Foundations' objectives and being used for the intended purposes on a timely basis.

Round 1 public sale constituted the sale of 80,000,000 HGT in 5 tranches. The price of HGT was set in ETH as of 04:00 UTC 18 August 2017. Whilst HGT was fixed in price, each tranche subsequent to the first had a reduced level of bonus tokens as shown in the table below:

Tranche HGT Offered HGT per ETH Tranche Funds (ETH) Cumulative Funds (ETH)
1 16,000,000 10,407 + 20% 1,281 1,281
2 16,000,000 10,407 + 15% 1,337 2,618
3 16,000,000 10,407 + 10% 1,398 4,016
4 16,000,000 10,407 + 5% 1,464 5,480
5 16,000,000 10,407 1,537 7,017

The Token Sale Rounds 2 and 3 timing and process will be confirmed prior to those rounds, currently scheduled for 2018 and 2019 respectively, but subject to meeting the objectives attached to Round 1 and the need for future funds.


Fenbushi Capital

HelloGold is pleased to be working with Fenbushi Capital as a participant in the HelloGold Foundation’s token pre-sale.

Dr. Bo Shen, General Partner at Fenbushi Capital, has also joined HelloGold’s board of advisors to support its mission to democratise gold and promote financial inclusion.



Summarised details can be found in the following PDF:

Summary Paper

Further Information

Further detail on the HelloGold Business Plan, Technical Whitepaper and Token Sale can be found in the PDFs below: