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GOLDX - The World's Gold-Backed Token

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GOLDX has arrived

Our ethos has always been to use technology to digitise and democratise real assets - starting with gold. Creating products with no barriers to entry and addressing the needs of savers and investors alike.

GOLDX, our launch product, will provide the modern-day crypto-investor with the world's oldest stablecoin.

GOLDX is a fully operational, 100% audited gold-backed stablecoin. Purchased using either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), its main purpose is to provide cryptocurrency investors with the world's oldest stablecoin to help them manage their crypto portfolio.

HelloGold Foundation believe that GOLDX can play an important role in a crypto portfolio, whether as a 'risk-free' stablecoin asset or as an alternative to cashing out in fiat. GOLDX is a tradable digital token fully backed by investment grade gold.

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